24 junio, 2024

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Diego and Gaby said yes in Guatemala

Diego and Gaby were joined in marriage in Antigua, Guatemala and everyone that went said it was a magical event, extraordinary and special. It was raining on the day and the ceremony was delayed, but this didn’t fog their love and enthusiasm.

They were determined to become husband and wife no matter what, and that’s exactly what they did. They got married at the beautiful Belen church, surrounded by their maid of honors and best men, they family and friends.

Diego and Gaby said yes in front of the people closest to them, it is one of those memories they’ll treasure forever in their hearts and minds. Their true love can overcome anything, and its just getting started.

Diego y Gaby: two people eternally in love

After the religious ceremony they made their way to the Santa Isabel ranch. The room was decorated spectacularly: imperial tables and chairs, floral arrangements, candles, and exquisite lights.

Everything was ready for Diego and Gaby to celebrate, and that’s what they did: they danced, laughed and celebrated. Every gust was witness to the deep love they share and felt honored and thankful to be with them during this special moment.

Diego and Gaby’s honeymoon

The wedding wasn’t the only thing making Diego and Gaby exited. They were counting down the hours to board the flight that would take them to their dream honeymoon: South Africa.

They could already picture themselves exploring and enjoying their most popular and precious beaches: they wanted to sunbathe, relax, and take spectacular pictures together.

Diego and Gaby are madly in love and as they say, their love is bulletproof.